This Is It

28th of August. Part 3 This is it. “What I didn’t know was that Max had something to tell me.” I was probably on my 5th Sudoku puzzle by the time that Max arrived back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him walk in. I couldn’t miss him as he was the … More This Is It

The Other Side

28th of August. Part 3 Max’s story. “My wife made me do it.” So here it goes… After I had been to see how my wife was doing and drop off some items for her, I left the room and headed to the obstetricians office to fill out some forms. When I got there I … More The Other Side


28th of August: Part 2 Ready or not. “For when a child is born, the mother also is born again.” – Gilbert Parker I’ve always wanted to be a mom since my earliest memories of childhood. I was a tomboy but trust me, I had dolls and I had prams. I had cots, baby doll … More Isabelle

“We Will See”

28th of August. Part 1 Intro. The smell of the hospital, the beeping of the machines and the sounds of nurses gathering information was what woke me up the morning of the 28th. 4am in the morning might I add. Not my regular 10am morning awakening that I was used to and had I realized … More “We Will See”

Murphy’s Law

27th of August. Part 4 It’s past 11pm and we are still waiting. The recording sheets from the machine is piling up on the floor next to my hospital bed. Max is tired, yawning with every chance that he gets. We are hungry and I’m not so happy lying on a bed with a huge … More Murphy’s Law